what is it?

Cut-It is a tool designed for any activity that utilizes evidence and research. It slashes the time it takes to format evidence by using Citation and Polling APIs to get information from any website (text, author name, year, etc.) and provide it in a consolidated, easy-to-use application. From here, you can use a wide variety of customizable options to further procure your evidence. The program is completely free for personal and commercial use.

  • AutoPoll - get the text of any article in one click, saving you countless hours of copy-pasting
  • AutoCite - generate an MLA and Debate citation in one click
  • AutoCopy - automatically inject the latest version of your card into your clipboard, after automatically converting it to a universally-accepted format for easy use with Docs or Word!
  • AutoSave - every single card and option is automatically saved, even on exiting
  • AutoBrackets - type an opening bracket in your evidence and a closing one is inserted for you
  • YouTube Polling - Enter a YouTube link and AutoPoll will set the Card Body to the transcripts
  • Custom Macros - virtually every function of Cut-It has recordable keyboard shortcuts to save you time
  • Custom Emphasis - tired of hitting the same, lengthy combinations to cut your card? Use our 3 levels of fully customizable emphasis to set up quick shortcuts to your own personal preferences
  • Card History - use our searchable card selector to find any card you've ever cut with AutoFind, just type in a word that appears anywhere in the citation/body
  • Easy Exporting - use our build in Save as PDF to archive cards for long-term storage
  • Themes - we have both a light and dark mode to enhance your cutting-experience
  • Text Zoom - you can zoom in on cards to help prevent eye strain on larger devices

how do i get it?

Cut-It works on virtually any device that runs either Windows (8 and up) or MacOS (Sierra and up). We recommend having a modern CPU, and dedicated graphics are not needed. To install, click the appropriate link to get the installer for the latest release. Updates are automatically prompted. From there, you can head over to docs.cutit.cards to view our tutorials and documentation. You can easily learn Cut-It in 15 minutes.